One Broke Mom

I loved the show Two Broke Girls when it was in prime time from 2011-2017. While hilarious, every episode nearly crossed the line of what was appropriate, but it was 30 minutes of fun, pure laughter, and OMG, did she just say that? Why aren’t there any shows like that currently on tv? Honestly, I’m still not over the fact that the show unexpectedly ended, and we have no idea what happened to Max and Caroline.

Perhaps part of the reason I loved the show is because liked the girls, I love to bake and I would love to own a bakery. Let me clarify, I don’t want to work there, I just want to be the baker. Unfortunately, I don’t get to bake much at home because we are a household of two people and we both love sweets, so neither of us can stay out of whatever I bake. Owning a bakery would be the perfect solution for this. We could keep a sample of whatever I baked and the rest would go to the bakery.

Recently, my two daughters, my husband and I were shopping for my second daughter’s wedding dress. It was a boutique bridal shop in an old house and I started talking about how it would make the cutest bakery. I went on to tell my girls about my dream about owning a bakery. My oldest daughter looked at me and said, “you’re like Two Broke Girls,” and my husband chimed in, “Yes! Except, you’re One Broke Mom.” We nearly died with laughter.

Last fall, I had the perfect opportunity to do some baking for my daughter’s baby shower. Her sister and I decided on a menu that we could make ourselves and I, of course, offered to do the baking which included Pumpkin Bread, Morning Glory Muffins (my favorite) and I purchased Mini Cinnamon Rolls from The Fresh Market because honestly, they’re as good as I can make at home. The goal was to make everything bite size so our guests could enjoy a little bit of everything.

For me, the presentation is always as important as the food. I had an idea for my display of baked goods, but I didn’t have a basket that would work, so I started to consider other options. I began reminiscing about our trip to France and how much I loved the breakfast display each morning at our hotel. I grabbed my pictures, and I found my answer. Our hotel had displayed their baked goods in wooden boxes, and I just happened to have a wooden wine box. Add pretty linens and I’m done.

The shower turned out perfect, just like we had envisioned, and we received many compliments on the food. Most thought it was catered, and there were several comments about how we should go into business. I don’t know about that, but maybe we should at least open a bakery!

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